Saint Bernadette School is a Catholic, parochial, elementary school operated by Saint Bernadette Parish, to provide a quality Catholic education for the children of the parish. Non-parishioners may be admitted on a space available basis. Placement of all students in grade one through eight will only be made after evaluation of prior academic records by the appropriate school personnel to determine if our school can meet the academic needs of the child. Children entering kindergarten must be five years old by September 30. All children planning to enter kindergarten must participate in the kindergarten assessment process to determine school readiness. Readiness of children for kindergarten is determined by the assessment team, which includes observations, made during the assessment. The decision for placement in kindergarten is based upon readiness tests with appropriate school personnel.

A waiting list will be maintained for active parishioners if class size has reached capacity. Those families with children on the waiting list who would like to continue on the waiting list the following school year should notify the school office during the registration period. (School registration takes place the end of January, and is announced in the parish bulletin.) Official admission is not considered complete until all academic and health records have been received. Admission for all new students is conditional for the first quarter.

Student and family cooperation with school personnel, practices and policy is expected. Continued enrollment is not automatic or guaranteed. Students and families may continue to be enrolled in the school by invitation. Invitation to enroll in Saint Bernadette School or continued enrollment in Saint Bernadette School may be withdrawn at the end of the school year, or at any time during a current school year. Parents of children enrolled in school who are divorced must provide the school with a copy of the court custody order or court approved agreement. Children living with other court assigned guardians must also provide the school with court approved guardianship documentation.

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