In the art classroom at
St. Bernadette, students will be learning and building upon the basic fundamentals of two dimension and three dimension art.  Students will have the opportunity to use all a variety of art materials, which may include charcoals, pen, ink, pastels, watercolor, acrylics, clay and more.  Along with each studio lesson, students will learn the history and techniques of past and present artists, and why each artist or era has been so important to the world of fine art.
We will work on fine and gross motor skills with younger children and improving skill in particular mediums with older students.  All students will be learning and improving their talents, while having a fun and positive experience in the art room.
In addition to working in the classroom, students will attend field trips to various art museums and galleries to get a real world glimpse at the art created around the world and in our own great city of Cleveland and surrounding areas.  Student art will also be displayed all year long throughout the school, please walk through to check out what our students have been working on this school year!