So much of the world today revolves around technology that it has become an essential part of our education system.  The technology program at St. Bernadette, while still teaching the fundamentals of things like interfacing with computers and keyboarding skills, goes beyond that to make sure that all of our students are able to tap into the vast canvas of the digital experience.  Students learn about making movies, editing pictures, recording audio, creating blogs and podcasts, basic digital animation, compositing, organizational skills like creating calendars and even desktop publishing.

With a state-of-the-art computer lab and mobile iPad cart, St. Bernadette is leading the charge to ensure our students are prepared to tackle the technological challenges they may face.  Computers and technology is more than just a "special" class at St. Bernadette—it is treated as a base component of the education program that all students must learn and be prepared to utilize during their time here.