Music Education

The St. Bernadette School Music Curriculum follows the curriculum of the Office of Education, Diocese of Cleveland, as well as the National Standards for Music Education.

Children in the early grades experience music in various styles and cultures through songs, movement, and listening activities.  They start to identify musical instruments and are expected to use the head voice to produce a light, clear tone.  They learn to echo simple rhythms.  As they grow older they begin to respond to music in a more analytical way, using a growing musical vocabulary.

In the intermediate grades, the children build on the skills already learned, learn to play recorder, demonstrate healthy and appropriate vocal production, and an ability to follow the cues of a conductor.  They learn more about orchestral instruments, identifying many of them by their sounds.  All students in grades 1 – 6 attend a Cleveland Orchestra Concert each year.

By junior high they are able to analyze music at a more sophisticated level.  They continue their study of music in various styles and historical periods.  In seventh grade there is a major focus on jazz and rock, culminating in a field trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  In eighth grade the students focus on music from the Renaissance through twentieth century Impressionism, culminating in a field trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art.  They also explore various careers in music.