Saint Bernadette is committed to becoming a leader in STEM/STREAM education. One of the major components of this multi-disciplinary curriculum is to engage students using project/problem based learning and supplement that with specialized skill sets to give students new understanding of the material they're studying. Doing so imparts valuable experience and increases aptitude on the technologies of tomorrow while giving them an opportunity to utilize the engineering process. STEM/STREAM education provides aspirants an unparalleled chance of success by embracing a culture steeped in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Combined with our Catholic values, and an appreciation of the humanities-including art and music-we believe this program bestows our students a richer and more experiential education.


Envision how engaged a child would be if rather than just reading about castles in Europe, they actually construct a small replica in the lab; instead of learning about ratios, they get to demonstrate their comprehension using gears; in lieu of talking about famous monuments and statues around the world, they go on virtual field trip to "walk around" the exhibit from their classroom. It is an age of golden opportunity and our hope is to give students the skills, the knowledge, and the means to be able to accomplish whatever they set their minds to.