Celebrating Our Military Families

During Catholic Schools Week, St. Bernadette School celebrated family members who have served in the military by highlighting them in the following video and showing it during a flag ceremony in front of the entire student body.

April is the Month of the Military Child. 
Why I Honor the American Flag
By Coral, Gr. 8

The American Flag is much more than a piece of fabric to me. It’s a symbol of courage, perseverance and unity, and it deserves and is worth the honor and respect of each American citizen. When we say the Pledge of Allegiance or sing the Star Spangled Banner we are honoring those who protect our rights and defend us from losing them. I respect the perseverance of those who fought for our freedom and rights before, and those who defend it now. I admire the courage it took and still takes for men and women to risk their lives so we could someday enjoy, and still enjoy, freedoms and rights. I also honor the unity of our 50 states, all operating under a government, providing the people of our country an organized system that works together to solve political problems. The American Flag continues to provide hope for those fighting in wars, and even if we are of a different race, different background, or different state than our peers, we are all united under one flag. 

Through perilous fights the American Flag still waves in the wind, reminding us that we can make it through the hardships like the patriots before us did. We were the underdogs in the American Revolution, and because of the perseverance our ancestors had, we came out victorious, resulting in future generations, including the one we live in now, having the freedoms and rights the soldiers in the Revolution fought for.

A famous nickname for the American Flag is Old Glory. When a captain was going out to sea, he was given the 24-star version of the American Flag. Once he was out at sea, he opened the flag and said, “Old Glory,” at the beauty of the flag as it waved in the breeze. The Star Spangled Banner was written as Francis Scott Key watched the American Flag continue to wave as a war raged on around it. If the Flag can still wave through the toughest of times, then we can make it through our own adversities too. 

I honor the American Flag because I am proud to live in America, I’m thankful for the people that fight for my freedoms, and I love the people and history of my country. The Flag is a symbol of hope for many, and it is a symbol that is worth honoring because it stands for something much greater than ourselves.