Saint Bernadette Athletics are open to students from Saint Bernadette Grade School and PSR, and St. Ladislas PSR.  Students from neighboring parishes may also participate if your school does not offer the given sport AND you complete the Out Of Parish form.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE ELIGIBILITY REQUEST FORM.  Turn in the completed form to the Athletic Director - Trina Poremsky.

All athletes must have a physical completed and on file  every year.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PHYSICAL FORM.  This must be done BEFORE your child can participate in practice or competition.  The first page of this document MUST be emailed to Katie Boker, at   The second page MUST be given to your child's coach for each sport, each season.

Coaches are always welcome.  Please fill out the Coaches Application.  Click on the link to the Coaching Requirements on the side panel.  Deadlines are posted in the bulletin, but generally this must be done 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the season.

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St. Bernadette Athletic Board


Athletic Director: Trina Poremsky

President: Brian Clancy

Vice President: Mike Ottiger

Secretary: Lisa Stipanovich

Treasurer: Doug Roof


Fall Sports Coordinators

Football: Brian Clancy, Glen Danahey, Chris Moran

Volleyball: Julieanne Moley, Deena Libertosky

Cheerleading: Lisa Stipanovich

Cross Country: Tom Boker

Winter Sports Coordinators

Girls Basketball: Trina Poremsky, Noreen Krevis, Jill Garlock

Boys Basketball: Mike Mangan, Mike Ottiger, Dan Adler

High School Basketball: Noreen Krevis

Cheerleading: Lisa Stipanovich


Spring Sports Coordinators

Track: Therese Boepple, Bridie Chambers

Baseball/Softball: Joe Robison, Rich Zatta, Ed Daugherty